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Tired of dealing with snow and ice on your roof? Know ice dams can cause damage to your home or business?  Exhausted from dealing with recent storms? Our ice dam solutions work automatically, preventing ice buildup so you can stay focused on your family, your job or business and other personal commitments.

New Ice Dam Solutions Prevent Ice on Your Roof

icicles-ice-dams-over-exeterMelting snow on your roof can form ice dams and icicles like those shown here. Icicles hanging from the roof can hurt someone when they fall. Hiding under the snow on your roof, ice dams can build up along the edge of the roof.

When water melts higher up on your roof but can’t run off, the water freezes and ice dams form (learn how ice dams are formed). When water gets trapped behind the ice dam, it often works its way under roofing shingles causing leaks and water damage. At night when temperatures drop below freezing, more water freezes causing the ice dams to grow. You’ve got to get rid of the ice dam!

Too often home owners try to take matters into their own hands and create bigger problems, causing damage to the roof or worse, falling off the roof. The Wall Street Journal article, Homeowners Beware: After Snow, the Ice Dam Cometh, reported that hospitals are seeing “… a surge of emergency room visits from people injured toppling off their rooftops while shoveling”.

Like gutters, many homeowners don’t consider installing ice melt solutions on their homes until they’ve had to deal with problems like ice dams and roof leaks. Once you’ve had a serious ice dam problem, roof repairs, replacing insulation, sheet rock and painting interior ceilings, you won’t want to do it again.

There are ice dam solutions to prevent these problems from ever happening!

Benefits Of Ice Dam Solutions for Your Roof

Let’s look at the benefits of installing an ice melt solutions that protects your home whether you’re there or not. Yes, you heard right. Our ice dam solutions minimize (or eliminate) the formation of ice dams automatically using an ambient sensing thermostat. You don’t turn the system on – it starts and stops automatically based on air temperature.

We are continually reviewing available ice dam solutions. We’ve picked the Ice Blaster Edge Melt System for the following reasons. protects you family, your roof and saves energy too!

  • Safety is a top priority – Our systems protect you and your home by minimizing the formation of icicles, ice dams and the possibility of your roof collapsing due to the weight of snow and ice buildup on your roof.
  • Protect Your Most Valuable Asset, Your Home – Replacing a roof is expensive so avoiding ice and water damage will maximize the life of your roof. Your roof is a vital part of your home’s envelope, protecting everything below. By protecting your roof, you’ll avoid roof damage and water leaks that can cause interior damage to insulation, ceilings, walls and more.
  • Save Money by Enhancing, Not Repairing Your Home – With ice melt solutions, you are making a one-time investment that improves the value of your home while reducing repair costs. Our solution also saves energy by turning on and off automatically so you’re only using energy when your roof needs protection.
  • Save Time and Stress – We lead busy lives and travel frequently. Our automated solution gives you the confidence that your home will be okay when you’re not there. You’ll also avoid the time and stress to find someone to remove ice dams and make needed repairs.

Why not install one of our ice melt solutions today, and avoid the hassles of roof maintenance during the winter?

Features of Premium Ice Dam Solutions

bylin_product_with-without_snow new england ice solutions a4whoOur custom ice dam solutions take into account your home’s roof design and problem spots like shade and tree cover that prevent natural melting by the sun. A combination of the following system components are designed to provide you with the optimal solution.

  • Thermostat controls to automatically turn your ice melt solution on and off, so you don’t have to be there.
  • Heating panel design that directs heat exactly where it’s needed.
  • Continuous, heated metal panel fabricated from thermally conductive metals.

An Ice Dam Solution that Meets New England Homeowner Needs

Why this solution? When Greg Greene started getting requests from his custom home and remodeling customers, he began to research potential solutions. He found the Ice Blaster Edge Melt System, to give his customers the convenience of a solution that saves them time and money. Greg knows his customers understand that investing in their homes today, will save them time and money, while making their home more marketable in the future. 

Greg partnered with Barry Malitsky, to create New England Ice Dam Solutions. They install the Ice Blaster solution throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire plus ski resort areas in Maine and Vermont. They have installed 100s of residential and commercial systems throughout New England, making them the #1 provider of ice dam solutions for your home or business.